MS-MPE 2021

A collection of student stories through their MS-MPE journey

The University of Pittsburgh's Professional Masters in Medical Product Engineering program applies engineering innovation to the identification of and solution to challenges in healthcare delivery in the medical industry. Students in the program have the opportunity to work with the renowned University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in a city that has been named a national tech hub to watch in the future.

In this blog, you will be able to read about current and past students in the program, understanding their stories to how they chose this program and the career paths they have taken.

Pitt BioE Grad Page

Center of Medical Innovation

Rey Ravi

Griffin Monaghan

Elena Liguori

Rachel Roos

Koryn Jozwiakowski

Past Student Stories...


Caroline Schoenewald


Shiv Rajesh

Cody Ruck


Selma Sosic

Alexis Daulton


Ruben Hartogs


Steve Donahoe


Akhil Aniff

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